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Skiing at Mary Lake

I asked my friend from school (Grad ’89!) to go skiing one day this week. We got together on Thursday out here at Mary Lake. Temperature: -16C. Warm for Yukoners. I was getting chilly by the end though.

We skiied half-way around the lake in one direction, then I noticed we were skiing into the shady side of the lake. We changed directions and skiied back into the sunny side. Once we were through, we did it again. That time though, we skiied all the way around the lake.

At this time a year in the Yukon, the sun rises for about 5 hours (10h am to 3h pm). It’s low in the sky and hits the tops of hillsides or the tops of the trees. So, unless you find some open space (like the lake), you may not feel the sun on your face for a few more months.

Here is an action shot of my friend (perfect form, but since I was the photographer, it’s a bit blurry).

We decided we were going to have a ski party sometime out there sometime. Hot drinks, fires, and hotdogs. I’ll have to get organizing that!

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