$2116.50–THE CUP RUNNETH OVER!!!!!

Jim and Linda. You shouldn’t have. Thank you ever so much. I was just trying to plan how to raise more money. I went to check my status AND THE CUP WAS FULL!! THE CUP RUNETH OVER!!! OH MY GOODNESS. In a single donation!!!! Thank you very, very, very, much. I’m speechless.

The cup runneth over

Jim Thames and Linda Cochran. You are the best of the best.

Silly tit!

When my parents came to visit me last December, my Dad had his head completely shaved. He did it in solidarity with our friend Therese who was losing her hair to chemo treatments. Therese’s husband Bertrand also shaved his head. When Dad shaved his head, he got Mum to take a picture and send it to my sisters. They didn’t send it to me because they were coming to visit and they wanted to surprise me. Anyway. My Dad wanted to take this picture and add the words: Support Breast Cancer. Look like a tit!

Support Breast Cancer. Be a tit!

I’m looking for a funny–but respectful–costume to wear around Petaluma in hopes people (complete strangers) will see the humour and donate to my cause. I thought I could find some rubber boobs and incorporate them into some sort of costume. My brother-in-law said I should get those vests with fake boobs that they give to men in pregnacy classes so they can experience boobs and babies. I could get one of those and take it around and get some guys to try it on. I could get some donations out of that. That might be funny. I could get a big boob and wear it like a hat. That would be funny. Where would I get a boob big enough for my head?

Oh well. It seems like I’m going to have to think on it a bit more. Before I go out there and make a fool — ooops, a boob– out of myself, I want to be prepared.

One month to go…

One month to my AVON walk. I have raised $1100 so far. I don’t think that’s bad. I’m making a last big push before the end of the month. Personal goal: $1800. I’ve asked a few more people at work.

Maybe next week, I’ll wear my AVON walk T-shirt through the streets of town and see if I can’t get any support like that. Maybe, I should make my own T-shirt. I could write a question or something on the front of the T-shirt. Something like: What do you and Victoria Secret have in common? And, on the back, I could say: You both support beautiful, healthy breasts. I would get a donation or two out of that for sure.

Maybe, I’ll wear my bra on the outside of my shirt–or around my waist. That would be funny. Hmmm… Maybe, I’ll get dressed up tomorrow night and go out on the town. I could solicit donations at the local pubs. Yeah. Maybe I’ll do that. I wonder how much I’ll raise that way? AND–It will make an interesting blog story. Hmmm. You’re going to have to tune in for that.

Regarding my training progress: Up until last week, I was logging between 15 and 20 miles a week. That felt very good. Last Saturday I walked 3 miles down the mountain (Sonoma Mountain) and jogged back up. At the end, I also did a leg-butt workout. My legs were sore for four days after that, but it felt good anyway.

Yesterday, Pam in Kentucky called me out of the blue. She is a friend of a friend who donated to my cause. She was just calling to congratulate me on my efforts (which I really appreciate) and she called at the most opportune time. I was on my way to meet our mutual friend (Waitman), but because I’d just changed phones, I didn’t have his phone number to call him to tell him I was going to be a bit late. So–out of the blue, Pam phones me. I’ve never talked to this person before in my life, but she was the exact person I needed to talk to at that time AND, she had Waitman’s phone number.

I like serendipitous moments like that, like there is order in this great big chaos of life. Like someone is watching out for you and making sure you have everything you need at just the right moment in time. I’m going to believe in that for a bit–that there a right reason, a right time, and a right place for everything.

Geeky Solicitation to Support Breast Cancer Research

Being a tech writer in high tech, one thing I’ve learned is to communicate in the same language. Learn the language, then you know you are communicating the right message. Also, if you are both speaking the same language, there is less room for miscommunication and misunderstandinging. To that end, here is my very first attempt to speak the language of software design engineers:


main ()

   if (you_have_been_affected_by_breast_cancer() )
   else if (you_know_somebody_who_()
   has_been_affected_by_breast_cancer() )
   else (if_you_just_believe_every_woman_should_()
   have_healthy_and_therefore_perfect_breasts() )


OK. Now, I’ll just sit back and let the comments fall where they may…whatever it takes. I’ll take the sideways comments for a good cause.