Ma vie en Suisse

A blue shirt

My friend has this blue shirt. She’s described it to me twice. Both times, after our discussion, I’ve wanted to go out and find one for myself.

She says it’s just a regular shirt that she bought at WorkWear World. I think she said it’s made from material like Helly Hansen long underwear. Long sleeves. It’s close fitting, but not so close that it shows everything (ladies, you know what I mean). And the neckline is just a regular neckline. It’s not a scoop neck or a v-neck. It leaves everything to the imagination. And it’s just the right colour too. It’s blue.

She says she feels good when she wears it. And she gets the right kind of compliments when she wears it. Not lewd or suggestive comments. Just, “Hey. That looks good on you.” It’s flattering.

Just the right size. Just the right colour. Just the right material. Just the right compliments.

How often do you find that?

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