Decapitated Mouse

Everybody, it seems, has a story about road kill. Here is a story my sister told me when she read my blog entry Katie Bird. The following entry is guest-starring my sister as the author:


It was a few years ago when I was an Assistant Production Coordinator on a TV movie called “ICE”. We were working nights and I was alone in the office. I was getting set to run the callsheet. The transport driver had just arrived from set and was standing by for it. I finished the last of my tweaks and headed off to the photocopy room to do my thing. I placed the master in the top copy tray, punched in 100 copies and hit start. It took the top page and the machine jammed. I softly cussed. I took the pages back out, resorted them and started again. It took the top page and jammed again. I cussed a little louder. One more time and the same thing. By now I was starting to get a wee bit perturbed. I took all four pages out of the top feeder and lifted the top up to see what was going on.

The driver, who up ’til now had been patiently waiting came in to see what was up. He walked into the copy room in time to see me discover my problem. A mouse had found its way in to the copier and had gotten jammed in the path of the master callsheet coming through the rollers from topside. Effectively, he had been smeared across the glass from one side to the other. The driver walked in just in time to see me lift his decapitated body out of the rollers. He immediately turned around and went back to sitting in his chair.

I had to find the head of the mouse and clean its body print off the glass before I could successfully run my callsheet.


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