4 eggplants + some sauce + a bit of cheese = #Foodporn


Last week, my father-in-law brought two ginormous zucchini and four eggplants from his garden. He seemed happy that somebody wanted them. I llooooovvveee eggplants and zucchinis. Love ’em.

So, tonight, the eggplants needed to be used up. All four of them. All at once. I wondered what I could do. AND I thought to myself: “If anybody has a fast, delicious  recipe for eggplants, Jamie Oliver would.”

I googled: “aubergines + Jamie Oliver” and I found this recipe for eggplant parmesan. (Aubergine is what it is called in Britain and Western Europe). So. I have this recipe. I scanned it to make sure I had at least 85% of the ingredients.

I did.

I got to work.

I was sauté-ing the onions, garlic, and oregano and Jman came into the kitchen: “Tu fait quoi Maman? Ça sent bon!” What are you making Mum? It smells good!” A good sign indeed, but who doesn’t agree that sautéed onions and garlic DOESN’T smell good?

Even better, he wanted to help make it.

We got his little stool from the bathroom and put it at the stove. I was concerned about the heat and his safety, but he stirred the sauté “tout seul”. All by himself!

My deviations:

I didn’t have canned tomatoes, but I do have a stash of pasta sauces (ones that just have ingredients you would find in your own kitchen)–so I used that instead of the canned or fresh tomatoes. Worked extremely well.

Also, for the finish, I had some fresh mozzarella in my refrigerator. I sliced that up, placed it on the top, and grilled the entire casserole until the mozzerella was melted and browned.

I used the hashtag #foodporn in Instagram, it was so tasty.

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