I was driving home from the déchetterie and I saw a sign for Boss Beer. “Ooooooooo,” I think. “Craft beer. A NEW craft beer.” Have you seen it? Have you tried it? Do you like it? I do. Although—I am a bit biased, because I can see the facility from my living room. Go Bossonnens!

I can’t tell you what I like about it. I think I like it because it’s too not heavy. It’s not too light. It is very balanced. Later, I when I found a moment, I went back the brewery to ask a few questions. I met Trix Wenger, wife, partner, and co-founder of Boss Beer.

Why & when did you start brewing beer?
My husband studied to be a winemaker. We have a small business that sells equipment and technology to the drinks business (wine, cider, juice). He wanted to start something where he would use his creativity, his training, but not make wine. He thought that it was an ideal time to start a brewery. We released our first beer in May (2016).

What beers do you produce?
Currently, we produce a light beer, a blonde beer: Teysachaux. It is a fresh, rich beer with a hint of malt. Nicely balanced. However, we are releasing our second beer, a darker one, but equally as balanced. No name yet. We are releasing it the last weekend of November.

What is your total production?
About 50 000 bottles (Teysachaux). We don’t know yet for the new beer.

Where do you sell it? 
Various restaurants and pubs in the region (check here). But, mainly from our business in Bossonnens and our beer club.

Tell me about your beer club
It is a club we thought would help launch the beer. Mainly, there are two levels of membership:

  • 200 CHF: 42 bottles, t-shirt, and 10% on any more beer purchases)
  • 500 CHF: 105 bottles, 2 t-shirts, and invites to special events and tastings for 2 people, plus 10% on any more beer — over the 105 bottles

When you have time, come out and try Boss Beer. Contact details below.


Boss Beer website, Boss Beer on Facebook, 
Route de l'industrie 36, 1615 Bossonnens, +41 21 947 36 36

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