GB jr goes to Greece

It’s been a while since I posted anything on the whereabouts of GB jr. I sent him to Fiji last summer after a bit of a false promise to send him to Hawaii.

Easter IslandMy sister and her friend the MadHatter had him in Fiji, New Zealand, Los Angeles (for a brief-less-than-24-hour-stopover). They took him to South America, Bolivia, Machu Pitchu, Peru, and even Easter Island! Anyway, that was all before Christmas. My sister's trip to Machu Picchu

I know GB jr spent Christmas in the Yukon, because I was there too and if I dig around on my computer a bit, I’ll find some weird snapshots of him celebrating the holidays with some smurfs: “Beer. Beer. Smurfing beer. We don’t get drunk ’cause it isn’t beer!” On a bit of a ramble–Father Abraham in Smurfland is our family’s traditional Christmas album. My sister Redd has a bit of a fetish for it because she seems to play it year round. In fact, a few years ago, MadHatter managed to find a digital version of that album now whenever a few of us get together somewhere, we get drunk on non-smurf beer and play that album and phone the family members who aren’t there. The original LP is still at my parents house though. This Christmas,we found some wee, stuffed blue smurfs. We put GB jr in the mix, mixed up some non-smurfing beer and called family members who weren’t there. So, I do know if I dig into my pictures on my computer, I’ll find one or two photos from that evening.

The other day, MadHatter sent me this picture of GB in the spring snow in Ontario.

GBjr in snow

Now, my sister has informed me they sent him off to an island of Greece. He’s joining a family who are travelling around the world this year. I would love a link to their site. I’ve never met these travel buddies, but I’m expecting some photos and reports about what he’s doing. Ronn and family, click here for the reporting guidelines (scroll to the bottom).

GB jr has a busy schedule. He’s booked up with this family in Greece. After that, MadHatter is travelling over Christmas 2008 and after that I have a friend in Guam who wants to host him for a while. I wonder where he’ll get to after that!

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  1. Re: Smurfs Record
    I didn’t find an electronic version, I made one. I went on eBay and tracked down the record (from the UK). (Redd said the one her parents had had skips in it – Redd probably wore it out.) Then I hooked my record player (yes, I have a record player) up to my computer. I have a program that records audio coming in this way. This makes each side of the record 1 track. Then I have another program to cut the file apart into separate tracks. (Then I had to redo a bunch of the tracks because they had skips in them.) Then I burned the tracks to a CD. I also took the record album to Kinkos and made a shrunk down colour photocopy of the album cover for the CD case. Then I gave it to Redd for Christmas. She was pretty shocked.

  2. Last week I spent 3 days hiking in a wilderness park in Patagonia and as I hiked I listened to my mp3 player, on which I have my favorite Smurf songs. I got to thinking about this entry from a few years back and had to comment on just how shocked I was to receive that home made album. I was so shocked, I was stunned beyonds words. I couldn´t actually believe someone had done that for me. It took me 2 1/2 years to actually thank Catherine properly. I´m sorry it took my that long to find my voice. When she hears me recount how I acquired my copy of the album/CD/Cassette, I hope she knows just how much I love it/them.

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