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Bonjour pickles!

Yesterday, everybody went to the store to get dinner–even Ludo. We were both exhausted and just wanted to pick up a pizza or something easy. As we walked in, there was smoked salmon on sale. We llllooovvvveee smoked salmon. We put it in the basket. We went around the store picking up some chocolates for Easter, picking out some bread for breakfast the next morning, choosing a few fruits.

Jman saw the aisle with pickles. He llllloooovvvveeesss pickles. He could eat pickles for dinner (which is what he ended up doing). A serving of pickles corn. A handful of those small sweet pickles. A side of smoked salmon. And a few strawberries for dessert.

I think he could have eaten the entire jar of pickled baby corn if I had let him. I was worried about his stomach.


This morning, after he got up, he was rooting around in the refrigerator and selected a yoghurt. As he took it out of the fridge, he saw his pickles: “Bonjour pickles,” he greeted them. “Bonjour!”

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