***Update*** we have found somebody.

Dear Au pair

We love to laugh and do arts and crafts. We love to run outside and play in the mud. We are boys. We like to make noise when we can, but we also like to read books and dress up (pirates, super heros, ninjas, more…).

We have bikes and scooters. We use them inside and out. We love to play in our kitchen and often make meals and afternoon tea.

We have school and judo and are going to have ski lessons in January and football in the spring. So we have a calendar full of activities.

About us

We would love an au pair who loves to play inside and out. Who likes to bounce on a trampoline. And run around with boys. We like to go to parks and down to the lake. We need a bit of help to clean up our rooms and downstairs … when we’ve played too hard and it needs a tidy up.

We would also love if you would be able to cook some meals traditional to your country. We love to cook and experiment with food.

Our parents expect you to be non-smoking, appropriately dressed, responsible, and emotionally mature youth who respects our house and shares our space. You will be expected to make your bed and keep your room clean. We would like you to help clean up after meals and help do the dishes. You will also be expected to clean your bathroom weekly and take your turn with the vacuum and the mop.

Once you are here, we can look at everybody’s activities and create a schedule that works. We will work together to choose the right language course from the numerous possibilities in the Lausanne / Vevey area.

We would love to teach you about Switzerland and our Swiss family lifestyle and learn about yours as well.

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