I started a new job on 15 May. Am as excited as HELL! I cannot believe this is my job. There has been a lot of changes in the last two weeks. The one I would like to note: Bear has stepped up and is taking on more with the boys. He totally stepped up and sorted out the childcare for the next few months. Thank you Bear!

Mpants was a bit sad the first week I went to work before he left the house. By Friday, he was a bit sad at the breakfast table and he pouted: “But where ARE you going Mummy?”
Jman interjects: “She’s going to fly drones!” I feel like super mom after he says that. Like he is proud.
“That’s right Mpants. Mummy is going to fly drones.” I reassure him and kiss his head goodby.

I will not fly drones this week, but it is definitely on my agenda. And when I have to explain to my 4 and 6-year-old sons what it is that I will be doing everyday when I leave the house, essentially, it is: “I will help people fly drones.”

I have not managed to do all my workouts in the last two weeks. But think I am successful on the “more water, less wine ” front.

I take my scooter to the train, and from the train to the desk a few times a week. If I am not on my scooter, I am walking. Definitely more movement in the daily life if not complete workouts. Check.

I managed to get to my fitness class once a week (for the last two weeks) and my bum and legs burned for two days afterwards. Workout on Wednesdays: check.

By the time I get home, I am exhausted. I make dinner (sometimes Bear has done it), and eat, story, bedtime for the boys. Then, as soon as I can, I follow.

I spent three days last week in the kitchen at Jman’s school’s spring camp. We served 100 people five times a day. I was exhausted. I did manage to drink more water than wine as I was on my feet most of the two days and was just dehydrated.

I planned the menu for this week and went shopping yesterday. Then to a friend’s 40th birthday party. Had one glass of champagne and two glasses of water. Drink less wine: check. Drink more water: check.

We spent this afternoon at Lac Gruyère kayaking. I am a bit burnt. I put sunscreen on the boys. I put sunscreen on my face, chest, and back. Somehow, I missed my arms. I am drinking tea tonight and I will drink more water.

No change in size or weight yet. Haven’t even dared to step on the scale.

Well. That is it. I need to get the boys out of the bath and plan what I need to do next week.

Did I tell you that I am just so damn excited?


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  1. Good for you Jennifer! So all of you went kayaking? Sounds like you are keeping very busy – as I am too. I think all the exercise and work caught up with me today!

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