L has been gone this week. Travelling in India. I always stress when I am by myself with the boys. Luckily, I have great friends who host us for dinner when L is travelling. Summary: I did fitness only three times this week. I think I drank less wine. I did not drink enough water.

Monday: L is leaves in the morning for the week. In weeks like these, we start the week by having lunch at MacDonald’s. The boys have a Happy Meal. I have a salad. We go shopping afterwards. Jman has a birthday party on Wednesday. We don’t find what we are looking for and have to go into Vevey. We get home in time for a quick dinner and go right to bed. I note that I should get my exercise over with first thing in the morning, or it won’t happen.

Tuesday: Did a 6 km walk first thing in the morning. Think I drank enough water. After school and dinner with friends (yes, a glass or two of wine). Home in time to get the boys into bed. I go myself.

Wednesday: crazy day. Starts at 8:15 am with a doctor’s appointment for Jman. I have a gardening workshop and have arranged that the boys spend the morning at one of Jman’s friends. Have a quick workshop (in French–I am very proud of myself)—that will be another story all together. Leave early to get the boys. Take them to a birthday party 45 minutes away at a circus school (L’Ecole de Circque in Payerne). Finish the birthday party around 16h15, have to get Jman to soccer practice. We have missed judo lessons today. Get Jman to practice. Get both boys home and the babysitter arrives so I can go to my fitness class. Somewhere we snacked enough to be called dinner.

Thursday: Focussed on getting a few things done today. It was a nice day. After Jman’s school ended, we ended up at another friend’s for apèro and dinner. Nine children, four mummies, only 1.5 bottles of wine. Lots of nibbles and our host made some delicious lentil soup. Got home at 20:30 … a bit late, but boys went directly to bed.

Friday: got the boys out the door and to school and daycare. Went to meet my new boss for the morning. I am starting my new job, officially, on 15 May. So, next week, there will be big changes in our schedule. I do not know if I will be able to any fitness. I will be walking a lot more, but I won’t count that as official fitness, just daily activity. It will be good to move about a bit more though.

Saturday: Starts early. Boys don’t care they don’t have a schedule this morning. They get up at 6h30 anyway. We eat breakfast, pack the car to take everything to the recycle / garbage depot and away we go. Then, we go shopping for the week worth of groceries. We also pick up a few things to plant in the garden. We get home in time for lunch. We start working in the garden, then go get L from the train station. The boys are happy to see Daddy. We get home, get sorted out. Take a shower, have dinner. Go to bed.

Sunday: Mother’s day. Boys have made gifts. Mpants made the bouquet of flowers featured at the top of this post. Jman coloured some glass and made it a sugar shaker. They are lovely for me. Just perfect. We have a relaxing day. I do Workout I and 15 minutes on the Max Trainer. Great Mother’s Day. Gifts, breakfast, fitness, lunch, short hike, petting zoo, snack, a bit of gardening. Good stuff.  Plan for next week. Try to remember everything, but know I won’t. Note to self: drink more water.

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