Clean eating menu for the week

Trying to eat a minimum of four planned clean meals per week. Challenging to find the recipes that inspire me AND then make the shopping list. THEN do the shopping. And all the while, Mpants only likes salami and cucumber, plain pasta, and apples. The rest of us are more adventurous. Here is my first week in brief (I only plan one meal a day, we just figure out the rest):
Monday: Garlic Shrimp Spaghetti with Buttery Kale
Tuesday: Minestrone soup with parmesan broth & basil swirl – March 2017 Clean Eating magazine, pg 56
Wednesday:  Beef & black bean chili
Thursday: Cauliflower fried rice (thanks Bobbi), and grilled chicken breast
Friday: café complete with smoked salmon from Norway (on sale at the supermarket)

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