Stop wine consumption for one month (starting today…yesterday was Ludo’s birthday).
Stop snacking when I prepare meals.
Drink more water. (2 litres a day? that is 8 glasses of 250 mls a day. Good target).

Monday: Workout I (below)
Tuesday: Workout II (45 minutes of cardio on the Max Trainer)
Wednesday: Fitness class with the ladies
Thursday: Workout II (45 minutes cardio on the Max Trainer)
Friday: Workout I
Saturday: off
Sunday: long walk

Workout I (below) takes approx 45 minutes if I do not take a break between exercises. AND my heart rate remains elevated.
Charleston step ups with 3 kgs weight (biceps)
Lunge kicks with 3 kg weight
30 jumping jacks
30 skipping jumps
30 windmills
30 twisters
24 bent over row
24 bench press on ball
24 front flies on ball
24 bent over flies
1 min reverse plank
40 angle pushups (10 at a time)
24 arm extensions side
24 arm extensions front
24 squats with Mpants on my shoulders
24 single-leg deadlifts
24 squat stars with 3 kg weights
24 reverse lunges on rag
24 side lunges on rag
1 minute glute bridge
Abs & back:
25 mountain climbers on rags
25 Schwarzenegger crunches on ball or bench
25 Arm/leg extension on knees (each side)
25 Flutter kicks
1 minute spread leg plank
Warmdown and stretching:
5 sun salutations
Tricep stretching
Pectoral stretching
Thigh stretching
Glute stretching


Record progress in this Google spreadsheet.

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