Got off to a great start. Friday, returned home from Italy, no wine. Saturday, started to plan for the school week, no wine. But also no exercise. Sunday, no wine and a 6 km walk with a neighbour in the morning! Starting to rock my resolution.

Monday: Did workout I. But, eating wise, it was L’s birthday. We opened one of our speical bottles from Tuscany.

Tuesday: Did workout II. Felt totally awesome. Even shimmied into a pair of smaller jeans. Exuded confidence. Went to a book party in the evening at a friend’s house. Another friend and I walked there (15 minutes briskly one direction). She had poured bubbly for everyone. I took a small glass and politely passed on the offer of what appeared to be some amazing red wine from South Africa. I drank bubbly water the rest of the evening. 15 minutes brisk walk back in the rain. ūüôā

Wednesday: Was a horrible weather day. We stayed inside all day. Had both boys all day and the neighbour’s daughter all afternoon. Managed 30 minutes on the Max Trainer. But, they were 30, slow, and slightly depressed minutes¬†to match the weather. ¬†Neighbour came over with her son and we¬†all had dinner as both our husbands were absent. And, somehow it is easier to entertain the kids when there are other kids around. They all played nicely for an endless amount of time. My neighbour: “Where’s the wine?” I told her what I was trying to do. “What? No wine? Hup. Not that. Stop something else. Don’t stop the wine!”

We opened a bottle of Pinot Blanc.

Thursday: Another terrible weather day. L worked from home. I had some wireframes to review. We went to lunch in Vevey and then were going to have a look at a place that installs awnings to see if there were anything we could do about the terrace this summer.  On the way to the restaurant, the enterprise where I had just had an interview called. They want to offer me the job! I do a happy dance in the car. We have a glass of Gamay-Pinot-Noir with our meal- to celebrate. (It is important to note in Switzerland, a glass of wine is 100 ml.) Nice!

While getting the Jman from school, I tell my friend about the news. She squeals in delight. Another friend comes running over. We tell her the news. I do a wee happy dance in the school yard. Both Jman and his friends are looking strangely at us. Whatever.

The second friend announces: “Mais bon. ¬†Il faut qu’on boire un verre. ¬†Ap√®ro chez Jennifer pour les quatre heures.” <Translation: “We have to celebrate. Party at Jennifer’s for the after school snack”.>

She comes over with her son (also a friend of Jman). I am not ready. I had planned to tidy and clean on Friday. Everything is a mess.!The boys play upstairs. We tidy downstairs.

More people arrive. Now, with two cars in the driveway, there is no space for L. to reverse out and go get Mpants from daycare. I get the last person to arrive to drive down to the créche with me and we get Mpants. Record time. No dilly-dallying.

We just arrive back, and another carload of kids and their mother arrives. Finally, we have everybody in one location. We serve the snack.

Olives, tomatoes, chips, nuts, more chips, special olive spread that I just brought back from Italy on special thinly sliced, dried rye bread chips from the Valais. Water and fruit juice for the kids (7 boys, 1 girl).

Wine for the mummies!

We keep replenishing the olives, tomatoes, chips, nuts, spread, drinks until about 18h30. I think the kids need something more substantial to eat. I slice some dried meat and cheese (never fails in Switzerland). We snack for from 16h to 19h30.

Kids are all playing happily. The bigger kids hook up the Play Station and are playing video games. Other boys are on the couch trading Pokeman cards (again!). Some kids are upstairs. We just hang out in the kitchen. Laughing. Talking. L comes in sometimes, check in on us. Grabs a glass of wine.

Good day overall. I had two glasses of wine. And then got out the bubble water. Still. No exercise. AND celebratory wine. So much for stopping wine this week. It is just not going to happen.

Friday. Reset. No wine. But also no exercise. Gloomy weather (including SNOW!).

Saturday: Brought three car loads of things to the garbage / recycling centre. Got the storage area cleaned out. Small lunch. Light dinner. NO WINE! Still no exercise.

Will start again tomorrow.



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