Good news. Great restart from last week. Feeling quite good.
Sunday 2.5 km walk to the bakery to get something for breakfast. 30 minutes later in the day on the Max Trainer.
Monday was an unexpected holiday. I wasn’t prepared that it was a school holiday. Rainy day, we spent it at home. No wine since last Thursday (the impromptu party).
Tuesday: 45 minutes on the Max Trainer. No wine.
Wednesday: 1 hour ladies fitness class in the next village. A bit of an energetic step class. Butt cheeks were burning at the end. No wine.
Thursday: 45 minutes on the Max Trainer. One glass of wine at lunch with L. Another impromptu apèro with two other mummies. We made pasta for all the boys. One glass of wine this evening. Total, two glasses of wine this week.
Friday: 45 minutes on the Max Trainer. 2 hour meeting with my new boss. Tried out the public transport. Will definitely be walking more in the future.
Saturday: Rainy, bleak, and dreary day. Off.
Sunday: Rainy, bleak, and dreary day. Another day off.

Still have to remind myself to drink water (Jen: a good time to get some is right now). Way less wine than last week, but still not zero wine. Still have to work on the not snacking when I prepare meals, or just cease to prepare meals altogether (as if that is going to happen). Once the water becomes a habit and I don’t have to think about it, I will need to remind myself to be mindful of portion sizes.

Plan for next week: L will be gone. Make easy meals. Go out once even. Exercise in the morning, get it done, and it will be the best I feel all day. Wednesday is supposed to be nice. We (the apèro mommies) are planning a sausage roast at the picnic spot in the local woods on Wednesday. Next week fitness plan: weights, cardio, class, cardio, (weights?), off.

Here is a ink to my tracking spreadsheet. Not bad, am averaging four pretty intensive workouts per week.

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