A farmer’s market for vintners?

For immediate release
Lausanne, Switzerland

We are pleased to announce—in collaboration with Terre Vaudois,, and Lausanne à Table!—a series of vintner’s markets in 2014 in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Which wine is your favourite? Join us at Place St. Francois once a month to discover, taste, and purchase hand-crafted Swiss wines.

At each market, meet the wine growers and wine makers themselves. Talk to them about their methods, their heritage, and their vines.  Nobody knows more about Swiss viticulture and wine traditions.

And when you’ve found something you like, don’t hesitate to take it home—and order more a la carte!

“We wanted to provide an opportunity for the public to taste and buy our artisan wines. Wines they may not have had an opportunity to taste otherwise,” explains Jennifer (founder of the Marché).

“The same for the vintners,” adds Landry Pahud (Co-founder of “At this market in Lausanne, they will have the opportunity to meet some current customers and develop relationships with new ones. Everybody wins.”

We look forward to creating an engaging, lasting series of markets. ProVino and all of our partners are committed to making this vintner’s market part of Switzerland’s viniculture history.

Anyone interested in getting involved as a vintner, partner, sponsor, blogger, member of the press, or volunteer should contact us.



Hours: 11h to 18h
Location: Place St. Francois, Lausanne


Pre-registrations*payment on site
15.00 CHF per person (instead of 22.00 CHF) which includes:

  • tastings at eight vintners / wine growers
  • souvenir glass
  • planchette of produits of terroir (for 1 person)

Sur place

  • 10.00 CHF for the tastings at each presenting vintner and the souvenir glass
  • 12.00 CHF for the planchette of produits du terroir



We are currently open to working with new sponsors to bring added texture and ambiance to each market. We are looking for partners who want to contribute to our mission of bringing the producers closer to the consumers. If you are interested, please contact us to start a conversation.

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