The Avon Walk for Breast Cancer 2006

Paper Mache Boobs

I talked to my parents last night. I told them I was looking for an interesting costume in which I could get a laugh and get some donations for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. I told them about my thoughts on rubber boobs and we tossed around a few ideas. My Dad said: What about that egg you were for Halloween that time? That was funny.

When I was sixteen, my Dad helped me make my Halloween costume. We made a huge paper mache egg. We painted on the front of it: I’m not all I was cracked up to be. On the back: I just got laid!! Ha! I was sixteen and pretty naive. My Dad just laughed.

Years later in Ottawa, my friend from University and I decided to make paper mache eggs again for Halloween.

That was funny. We had a blast that Halloween. Yesterday, when my Dad mentioned it, I thought he was suggesting that I make another paper mache egg. But now, I think he might have meant make a big paper mache boob. I have to toss that idea around. It’ll have to be a set of boobs. And it will have to be funny.

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