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A little crock

I made a crock pot last night. It didn’t take much time, and it cooked while I was trying to work on my Intuit project. It was easy, and delicious.

Chopped vegetables in the bottom. I had carrots, red potatoes, celery, and a turnip in my crisper. I chopped until I felt good about the amount of veges in the bottom of the pot.

I layered on skinless chicken thighs after I’d cut the extra fat off. Sprinkled with Knorr chicken broth mix. Two cans of Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom soup, some water for the vegetables, and Worechestershire sauce. I grabbed some fresh rosemary from my plant out back.

Stuff it all in. Turn on the crock. And just let it go.

Today, I would have added cracked peppercorns if I’d had them.

It was just tasty. And comforting. And I think, just taking the time to make myself dinner did wonders for my sense of being.

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