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Christmas in the trenches

I remember when I first heard this song. I was making dinner. I don’t know who I was making it for or what I was making. But I heard this song on the radio and it stopped me in my tracks. I turned up the volume and looked out the window over the sink.

This song wasn’t about Santa. It wasn’t about babies and mangers and wise men. It wasn’t commercial. It wasn’t about snow. Or reindeers. It wasn’t funny. But it affected me. It made me stop and think about what my Christmas season should be.

I’ve never heard that song again, but every Christmas I say to myself I should look that song up–that one that tells the story of Christmas 1914. Today, I’ve gone and done so. It’s called Christmas in the Trenches by John McCutcheon.

I am humbled by history.

Do you have a song that makes you stop what you are doing and think about Christmas?

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  1. try this one Jenn. It is from Garth Brooks 1997 album entitled “Sevens”. I always like this at Christmas.

    your song reminded me of it.

  2. Ha! I thought the long text on that site was a description of the movie… which it sort of is. I didn’t realize it was a religious site. Ah well, it really *is* a good movie!