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Getting set up to fail

Sarah Palin running for VP? Come on. Does this remind anybody in Canada about Kim Campbell?

Remember Brian Mulroney running not only the country but also the Conservative party into the ground? Campbell won the party leadership, but party lost the entire election (two seats in Parliament that election). When was that??? 1993?

It’s not that I’m not for women in positions of power. My great aunt is Irene Parlby (one of the Famous Five Women of Alberta). She’s one of the five historical women who fought for the right for women to hold public office (Person’s case 1928). In 1921, she was appointed a Minister without Portfolio—the first female Cabinet Minister in Alberta history and only the second in the British Empire. In 1935, she also served as Canadian representative to the League of Nations (now the United Nations).

Palin is the first Republican woman to run on her party’s presidential ticket–let alone any presidential ballot in the ENTIRE HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES! I OBJECT that it’s the first time a woman is on the presidential ballot and THEY KNOW they’re going to fail.

A joke. The Republican Party is a joke and now they’re making women a joke.

Come on America. Get with the international program.

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  1. You are totally right! Is this the best woman out of 150 million females in the United States? It is a joke … and if I hear her say one more time about the “building of the bridge to nowhere” – that she originally approved and is documented, I’m going to throw up! Saw an interview with her last night where she supports the right for Americans to own AK-47’s, WTF?