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I’m listening to new music

I like this version of Pachelbel’s Canon. Actually, I like most versions of Pachelbel’s Canon, but this might be the only rap song I like. When you take a completely classical song–and make it your own–I think that’s a sign you’ve mastered your art.


There’s actually a number of rap versions of this song. Kudos to the artists. Like Picasso–who was a seriously talented artist before he started into cubism. He mastered an art form before he made it his own.

I hope I can do that with blogging.

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  1. I hate Pachelbel’s Canon. It’s one of the most overplayed pieces of classical music ever. It’s also very boring. It’s the classical version of Muzak. No highs, no lows, mediocre all the way. It’s boring to listen to and boring to play. It’s slow. It has few redeeming features and I have been forced to both listen to it and play it more times than I’d care to recall. If I never heard it again, that would be fine.