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Nat, this one’s for you

Nat. Remember those two (or three) illicit ABBA vinyl albums we’d play ALL DAY long until Mum and Dad came home. 

Circa 1979?  Remember your portable red and white record player?

And then we had to hide the albums surreptitiously somewhere so Dad wouldn’t find out we’d been listening to “that rock-and-roll shit”? 

And years later, I find out that BOTH my parents like ABBA. And we didn’t have to be so worried about it.

And because we spent that entire summer in the basement at the Whalen’s: Lorry, Katrina, Stenine, and US…the three Burke girls.

We were the Dancin’ Queens…(well, not Lorrie, but hey…I think he was dancing too!).

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  1. Oooh, thanks for the post. I couldn’t keep reading my feed reader while the Man after Midnight video was playing. Don’t they look like they were having fun?