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One week in Bretagne

Vicky and her family (husband Pete, daughter Nadia, and son Alex) live in Sixt Sur Aft just north of Redon in Bretagne. I spent a week with them, catching up on sleep, rest, and life in general.

We had a good laugh, great food, and a few outings.

The day I arrived at Vicky’s, a dog left a rather large turd right outside their front door. Judging by the size of the remnant, it wasn’t a small dog.

Vicky got so very annoyed. She put out one of her wire clothes dryers (in a sandwich board shape) and marked on a piece of paper and taped the paper to the wire clothes dryer: “Would the person (dog) responsible return and clean this up.”

She left it there, standing guard over the turd for the rest of the day. Nobody came to apologize or claim the turd. Her husband cleaned it off the sidewalk later that the evening.

Later, as I was dragging my suitcase through various French towns on my way to Switzerland, trying to dodge the dog poo on the sidewalks, I wondered: “Why? How is it allowed to have a dog, let them do their stuff, no matter where, and NOT clean it up?”

I’d seen this sign in St. Malo (a larger town on the north coast).

So I know that there is at least one campaign in France for cleaning up after your dog. Vicky, you need to start one of these in your town. Minimally, you can get one and put it outside your front door!

The subject of poo was actually a hot topic that week.

The dog poo. Pete’s incident in New Delhi with fish curry. AND, twice, twice, I walked through the house to the back dining room. (The second bathroom in the house was located off the backside of the dining room.) Nadia was sitting on the toilet with the door open. (NOTHING NEW FOR HER I KNOW). And she would announce to me brightly: “I’m having a poo.”

Once she clarified: “I’m not having a naughty, smelly poo. I’m having a girly poo.

And I congratulated her: “Nice. You seem be having a lot of poos. And, I’ll just let you know now—that’s a good thing. Make sure you continue to have your girly poos. “

That’s all I have to say on the subject of poo.

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  1. On the subject of poo…
    ever notice how funny it is when a grown man (the bigger and burlier the better) says “poo” ?
    Try it; get the next big guy you see to say it; it will make you smile!