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One week in Red Deer

I headed on up to Red Deer to crash at my cousin’s and prepare for my European trip. I got to help her out with some wedding preparations –which I completely enjoyed.  As we were creating her purple centerpieces for the tables at the reception, she looked at me and asked: “Jen, do you think the next time you get married, you’ll have a more traditional wedding?”

My first wedding, I eloped. In Banff. I hijacked my FRIEND who happened to be in Calgary that weekend. Steve had a cousin living in Calgary. We got married Norquay Meadow in Banff. The whole thing took two days to plan (he did all the work). My dress cost $80. AND I wore my hiking boots.

I looked at her, and said rather painfully:  “Nik. When have I ever done anything traditional?” And that was the answer to that.

One night, we went and prepared a bit at her parent’s  farm. There was going to be a meet-and-greet at the Fox Farm that Friday.  Among other farm things, my aunt and uncle farm bison.  Which I think is pretty cool. Here is a picture of their bison:

Friday, we went up to Rimby and prepared the hall for the reception. Then, we started to party.
The food at the meet and greet was FABULOUS! Just FABULOUS.  My aunt and uncle from Nanaimo, BC and their daughter-in-law and grandkids helped Nik’s parents prepare the food. It was a perfect BBQ. Perfect.
Bison on a bun….Mmmmm I had two helpings. Pasta salads. Other various salads. Just a BBQ and family fun. You can’t compete with that.

I met some of Nik’s classmates from her chiroropractic college in San Jose, California—I hadn’t seen them in four years. They sometimes took a break and came up to my house for a weekend. It was good to catch up. John and Rayne, CONGRATS! on your nugget. I wish you all the best.

The wedding.  No words for Nik’s wedding.  Here are some of her pics…(click the pic).


It was a lovely wedding. LOVELY. The church was packed with friends, family, and kids. Travis had a HUGE smile on his face as he watched Nik walk up the aisle. A few words from the animated preacher, and it was done.

At the dance, I loved she was wearing her cowboy boots under her gown. We all saw them when Travis was looking for her garter. HOW else could she have danced so much?

I tried to dance with all the guys in my family. I may have missed one or two…but I danced TWICE with my cousin Bert. Ladies, my cousin Bert is an AWESOME dancer. He’ll make you look good any day. In fact, while I’m back in Alberta, I may go out once or twice with him and get some lessons.

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