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Reusable bowl covers

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. These are three words that have been in my vocabulary since my grade 3/4 class with Mrs. Bunker. We learned these three words as part of a national campaign I think–at least, that is what I remember.

The year I left for university, I realized I could save money with that principle too.  Later, as I got my first job and I visited my grandparents once or twice a year, I noticed my grandmother had these reusable plastic covers for her bowls. (She also washed and reused plastic bags too–which is maybe a story for another day–but she certainly didn’t let anything go to waste.)

I love the idea of those reusable plastic bowl covers. I find them quite handy.  And now, as soon as I find a store that sells them, I buy a hearty supply and use them. And reuse them. And resuse them. I wash them in the dishwasher. 

When I was in just in Switzerland, I found that the local Migros carried them — and they were always in stock! I prompty bought my hearty supply.

As I slipped one on the salad bowl with the leftover salad, Ludo said to me: “You are just like your mother!”

“No” I contradicted proudly. “I am just like my grandmother!”

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  1. I used to use these, too! Mine all eventually got worn out with the elastic pulled away from the plastic and I don’t see them anywhere anymore. I do feel bad about using plastic wrap, so I try to use plastic containers instead, but that’s not always an option. I could always go and buy some shower caps at the drug store, though!! 😀