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Some Christmas song submissions

A few days ago, I asked for your favourite Christmas songs and now I have a few submissions from my social feeds. Here are the first three:

You can’t go wrong with a Newfie carol. This one is submitted by Kara in Faro. I love the Great Big Sea.

My friend Peter James sends this upbeat alternative from France (er..Britain?). He’s a Brit (the husband of my good friend Vicky) and they live in a tiny village in Brittany, France. Regardless, I think it will get you moving.

Ludo sends me one from Switzerland. He says this song is the song they sing at Mass on Christmas Eve before they drink vin chaud outside the church and visit with everyone in their village that they haven’t seen since the previous Christmas Eve. He says it sometimes snows when they are all milling about visiting. It certainly gets me wishing for some mulled wine and Christmas snow.

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