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Statistically speaking

Am having a helluva week. Think I’m always trying to fit too many things into my schedule–hence the reason I bought the Covey file-o-fax thingie a few weeks ago. Think I have to make more of a commitment to get my life together.

Talked to my friend in Yellowknife twice this week. Am upset I didn’t tell her early enough I was visiting and we couldn’t get together–but had a fun time with family. Had an interesting talk about who we spend time with and why and had a few revelations out of that conversation. She’s doing well. Eating right and exercising (7lbs so far–you go girl!). She’s motivating me to get my shit together on the “taking-car-of-myself” front. I’m now working to create a workout schedule and a meal plan and all things involved with taking care of yourself.

Thursday, as I’m getting ready to board the plane to come home, my friend Kimberly calls to ask if I want to go out on Hallowe’en with her. I tell her I have a few parties planned, but she says come over beforehand and we’ll both get dressed up to go out. We’ll make it a girl’s night.

We had a lot of fun, I can’t believe we don’t have pictures. We’ll have to do it again I think–just for the fun factor of dressing up as wenches.

Spent another evening in San Fran catching up with another friend from Ottawa and having a few drinks with someone we’d met at the first Hallowe’en party. Interesting. Fun. Can’t say I made a great first impression though. Another thing I have to work on–sigh.

So. Statistically speaking, it’s just been a helluva week, month, year. I’m exhausted.

And there’s only one way to go from here.

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  1. Chaos? Or insanity. I think I may like chaos…and making order of chaos. But I certainly don’t like insanity.

    Am working to change some habits, so I can change some rules, so I can change the game.