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Tampax?? To stop smoking????

My dad flew down to Calgary last week to help me drive my car home to Whitehorse. He visited with my sister Nat and her family. Friday evening, they all went out for dinner. Dad was sitting at one end of the table. Nat, her sister-in-law and her mother-in-law (I think) were sitting at the same end of the table. They started to talk about quitting smoking. And they talked about the different ways they had tried.  My dad was interested in the conversation because he has been a life-long smoker. He wondered if they were successful.

He heard their testimonials about a new therapy called (or what he thought he heard), called Tampax.  And he wondered how on earth Tampax could be involved in a therapy to help someone stop smoking.

When he questioned them, all three started laughing. My sister said: “No Dad. Champix. Not Tampax!”

And he was just relieved. He didn’t think he was ready to start with Tampax.

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