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Why I love the internet #1

Because, when I’m talking to my oldest sister on the phone and we’re starting to look for Christmas presents for my parents and I open the browser window to start a search for an exercise bicycle and it defaults to as the home page and as I’m talking to my sister I scan the home page to see if there is anything interesting and I notice an article about “Top 10 Kids’ Books“.

We talk. I open a new browser window to (affordable bikes, but they can’t ship to Canada) and we continue talking about life the universe and everything because we actually haven’t talked for a while. 

We finish our conversation and hang up the phone. I go back to the homepage to read the article on “Top 10 Kids’ Books” and the third book in the list is “Love You Forever” by Robert Munsch. 

AND ROBERT MUNSCH is one of my absolute FAVOURITE children’s authors. He came to the Yukon a number of times for book week in March (does anyonee else remember making those kites for book week at Takini Elementary?).

I click the link and get to a page about the Love You Forever book. I click one more time TO LISTEN TO THE BOOK. 

And finally, I look at the rest of his books–because I have a few favourites: namely Mud Puddle and Thomas’s Snowsuit. Redd, this one’s for you. 

Everybody else, it’s worth a listen. Really.

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