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A Good Woman

I called my good friend from–well–forever on Sunday. Deborah now lives in Yellowknife, North West Territories, Canada. I hadn’t talked to her in years. Too long. Far too long. But we started talking and talking and talking…like we’d never been out of touch.

It feels good to have a friend like that…someone who knows you from forever. The funny thing is–we were really good friends in high school. She said on the phone on Sunday: Jen. We shoulda got into more trouble then. I said: Well there’s no time like the present. And we laughed and laughed.

We talked about our lives. Our current interests (work, fashion, movies, men). It was one of the best girl talks I’ve ever had. I realized that spammy, sappy email is true. Girls–I’m sure you’ve had it in your email at one time or another…the one that says something about don’t forget your girlfriends. Everything about your life will change, but your girlfriends will be constant. I’m not going to find it…because it is too sappy for my blog, but I will reference it.

Regardless. We had a great talk. I’m going to call her every Sunday just for that: A great girl talk. We talked about fitness and how we want to loose some weight. How we should be loosing weight. And she said she’d received compliments from the locals on how good she looked recently. They called her a “Good Woman”.

She took it as a compliment, but she asked one of her friends what exactly the definition of a “Good Woman” was. Her friend translated: A good woman in the North means you are sturdy enough to help haul a caribou out of the bush and help load the boat, but you are still a soft and feminine partner.

Ha! That’s exactly it. I think if you are a woman in the North, you are by default a “Good Woman”.

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  1. I’ve linked to this post in my blog, because I think there are millions of women around the world who could do well by taking this definition to heart.

  2. I have wandered over here from Trudie’s and I am glad I did.

    I realised the importance of friends relatively recently when my life tumbled down around me (well, I destroyed it really) for a while. I will never neglect my friends again – not ever. They forgave me for ignoring them – but that’s not the point. They should not have had to.

    I love the Good Woman definition. Don’t think I fit it though!