Lost in translation Ma vie en Suisse

A pan of chicken

We’re laying in bed one morning. I stroke his back with one hand and my fingertips. I think it must feel nice. He gets goosebumps.

I try to say that in French. “Oooh–les poils du poulet.”

With my Canadian accent, it comes out: “Oohh–la poêle du poulet.”

Oh…a pan of chicken.

How romantic.


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  1. It’s funny how “goose bumps” translates to “chair de poule” (chicken skin), or “when pigs fly” to “lorsque les poules poussent des dents” (when chickens grow teeth). Ah, the fun with languages!

  2. “Chair de poule” … just doesn’t have the alliteration of “poils du poulet” — even though chickens don’t have poils…

    hair of the chicken??

    Shall we just make up our own sayings?