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Well..we have some BIG NEWS. B.I.G. We’ve been telling everybody by phone, but now it is offically on the blog.

Jman is diaper-free. Ever since we moved into our house, he was right away interested to use the potty. Then, right after his third birthday, he decided: No more pampers (“Pas de pampers, Maman. Plus“). Which literaly means: no more diapers. None. Not even at night.

And voila! Magically, there are no more.

I am so pleased. I thought potty training would be difficult as you read about how people have to train their kids by giving them treats or as my FRIEND from Whitehorse mentioned: put Cheerios in the toilet so he can aim.

We have had a few close calls when he has been in his snow pants and he needs to pee. OR when we are in the Grand Place parking in Vevey and we peed on a tree. And one time when we were in a store and I should have just popped outside rather than try to find the bathroom. But essentially, he has been doing it on his own.

We are quite aways away from him going potty by himself, but somehow, it is just easier not having to change his diapers anymore. I guess it the next step and we are excited about the change.

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  1. Yipppeeee!!! We have peed on a lot of trees, truck tires, etc! ahahah I hate being in Whitehorse where people look at you funny when your kid is peeing on a truck tire. But when they have to go, they have to go!!