Ma vie en Suisse

Homemade candle centerpiece

I’ve been looking for a solution to add some soft lights to the balcony without getting too expensive nor going extreme with strings of electric everywhere. It’s quite a nice balcony, we haven’t used it much because I don’t think summer has arrived quite yet.  But I’m sure we will.

Regardless, when we do sit out there and the sun has set, it’s nice to have a bit of light. I’ve tried putting candles out there, but we are six stories up and the wind picks up after the sun goes down. They usually just end up being a big puddle of wax.

I was looking for something to put a candle in to block the wind, without getting the standard candle holders that everybody else has. I was thinking of maybe some coloured wine glasses or something equally interesting.

I was in IKEA one day with my friend Karen. We were trying to find some self-watering containers to start our gardens (another topic entirely). And, if you shop at IKEA, you know you can’t really go there for one thing and not pick up a few other things that you might not need.

I saw these cognac glasses for $2.95. I thought they looked like they could probably shelter a candle from the wind and they were a unique shape. I thought they might look nice, so I picked up six. I also bought some stubby candles to put in them. I was just going to go with the glass and the candle, but then I thought, I could probably wrap a flower around the base and make it more of a centerpiece.

Voila. My first homemade centerpiece.

Am I becoming a Desperate Swiss Wife or what?