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“I have to eradicate a squirrel”

I haven’t talked to my friend for awhile. I guess I have been too busy feeding the baby and sleeping. Today, we had a brief conversation in which I asked her what her plans were for today. “I have to eradicate a squirrel,” she announced rather matter-of-factly.

Apparently, there is a squirrel living under her house. “Ewwee,” I say. “Squirrels are cute when they live in trees, but once the invade the house, they are just rodents.” She agreed.

I wonder though. If she is offended by the rodent, or is she offended that it is a naked squirrel? In which case, she may not have to eradicate the thing. She could just buy a pair of squirrel underpants and civilize him.

squirrel undperpants

OR her…she can even get a pair of panties for a  GIRL SQUIRREL!!!

For girl squirrels!!!

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