Ma vie en Suisse

“If you can read, you can do anything.”

I don’t know who this quote is attributed to, but I firmly believe it. Last night, my sister Skyped me. “Can you help me set up my email on my computer? I want my email in my Microsoft mail program.”

We futzed and farted around for a bit. We read the help files. We tried to make it work. She was frustrated as she had already spent time trying to make it work herself before she asked for help.

I just kept Googling the error messages. We finally figured out that she had to enable POP in her Google apps account, the POP servers and SMTP servers had to be: and respectively,  AND her username had to be her full email address.

If I ever don’t know anything, I just Google it. And then I learn about it. I think Google makes me smarter. I’m not a know-it-all by any means, (although I am sure there are some people who might beg to differ), but I am thankful there is all this information out there and I can learn about it–when I need to.

PS: The other day, in a conversation in French, I heard the verb “Googler” (pronounced: goog-lay.) As in: “Je vais le googler.” I am going to Google it. Is Google an official verb yet?

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