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Nez coquin

Jman’s nose has been running it seems since September. Occasionally, we get a few days when it is not running. But then he goes to crèche again and brings home another virus or two.

Every time Ludo wipes it, he tells Jman: “Ton nez coquin! C’est embettant, non?” “Your naughty nose! It’s tiresome, eh? (I embellish the translation with the ‘eh?’ because I’m Canadian).

Yesterday, we were driving to visit some friends. Jman pipes up from the back seat: “Nez coquin!”

I turn around expecting to have to wipe his nose (although we have been snot-free for about a week). He didn’t have a runny nose. He was just sitting back there with his finger up it and telling us: “Nez coquin!”


Naughty nose indeed!

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