Ma vie en Suisse

“Oh! That’s my baby!”

I’m sitting in Starbucks chatting with a girlfriend. The first social visit I’ve had since the J-man was born. He is next to me in his buggy.

A baby starts crying. I look around expectantly to see if the mother (or father at this point) is going to do something about the crying baby.

“Oh!,” I exclaim, “That’s *MY* baby!”

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  1. Faster than you think you’ll find yourself hearing “Mom! mom!” and you’ll quickly scan a sea of kids for your child who you THINK might be calling you. And, instead, you’ll spot someone else’s child making the noise – and, you’ll think to yourself – oh, it’s not my child…this time. And, it’ll be a great feeling because, at least for a moment, you can remain sitting while sipping your latte. Hope you are doing well, Jenn. Post more pictures of the J-man. He’s lovely!