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  1. Not all over the table runner made of doilies. To me it looks like a mish mash of doilies. But, it is personal and would make a nice conversation piece At someone else’s house!

    I have been a member of Facebook but I spent too much time looking up old high school classmates. I found myself becoming petty and viewing the world a little more sideways than I would like.

    For example, sitting in my housecoat with dinner plates around me, I looked up a former classmate who now lives in NYC and works as a fashion executive. Her friends include Matt Damon! And her Facebook picture showed her with this glorious mane of blonde hair, pouty lips, semi-nude (but tastefully discreet). It was a professional, modeling-shoot photo. Not some trashy looking-as-sexy-as-possible-by-self webcam jobbie. That would have helped.

    Another former classmate of mine is now a modeling agent. He had a billion friends (on Facebook). But, his Facebook entry said he looked for girls between 14-24 years old and had a bunch of desirable or required body measurements. As a mom with a daughter, it struck me as a bit creepy and distasteful, even if he was widely successful.

    So, some people might use Facebook to connect, but I found it served me the opposite purpose. I’d rather read your blog.