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Three baby dreams…

Around August, I had my first dream about Baby. I dreamed I left him in a changing room for the local swimming pool down by Lac Lémon. I had to remember that I was missing something, then, I had to remember where I left him. I woke up in a cold sweat–and verbally promised Ludo that I wouldn’t leave the baby in the changing room at the public pool. I guess that might mean I am worried about my extreme absent-mindedness (which got worse over the course of the pregnancy BTW).

“It’s OK, Jen. I know you won’t leave the baby in the changing room. You’ll be a good Mum.” He reassured me.

The next baby dream I had was a bit funnier. I dreamed that I gave birth to a baby with dark hair and dark eyebrows–and a FISH TAIL!!!  AND, I wasn’t at all concerned about the fish tail. I was more concerned that my baby didn’t have red hair.

Oh well, that is something that just really doesn’t matter. It’s just funny what comes from the subconscious.

My sister and my mum got a kick out of this one: the other night, I dreamed that my baby liked to sleep in a shoe and I kept putting him in a shoe. THEN, I would put the shoes away (in a closet, or under the bed, or wherever) AND LOOSE TRACK THE SLEEPING BABY. I’d have to go hunting for shoes.

Funnily, he never woke up in my dream. He was always just sleeping in the shoe. I guess I haven’t heard his voice yet, so my subconscious doesn’t know what to expect–except a perfectly-behaved, sleeping baby. (HA–only in my dreams!)

Oh well. Baby hasn’t arrived yet.  We are still waiting for something to happen. I think I’ll go for a walk now.

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  1. I had heaps of crazy-ass dreams when I was pregnant too! And it didn’t stop once they were born. I would have dreams that my pillow was the baby and be talking in my sleep to my husband to put the baby back in the crib.

    The fish tail one is pretty funny though!!

  2. Pregnancy dreams are the craziest! I dreamt I left Halia (before I knew she was Halia, natch) in a guest cottage behind our house (not that we actually have one of those) and I forgot to go feed her for days. Perhaps some leftover guilt from a hamster I once owned…