Ma vie en Suisse


Both M-pants and Jman are growing up so fast. I have this quote: “The days are long, but the years are short.”

I thought I should at least start recording progress.

M-pants likes books right now. Especially those simple books with one picture on each page. He likes the interactive book T’choupi et Dou-dou–the one where T’choupi has to find his bear. He likes to look behind the pull outs in the book and see what’s behind them.

He likes the book with animals. We point at an animal and make the animal sound. He even started making them.

I know he has been saying MaMaMaMa Ma for awhile. And I think DaDaDa. But the other day, he definitely tried to make animal noises.

Ludo and him were looking at the animal book. Ludo pointed to the rooster and made the rooster noise (in French it is cocorico).

I am sure Mikey tried to say the English version. I swear I heard: “Co co do”. And we heard a definite: “Moo”.

Today, we were looking out the kitchen window at Gram’s in Valais. There is a field just across the vines where too many people come and take their dog for a walk and let them do their business. They don’t know that Gram can see them. She knows who picks up after their dog and who doesn’t. She comments every time.

Anyway, we were looking out the window at some people and their dogs. And Gram was commenting in the background. And Mikey pointed and clearly said: “Woof”.

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