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Hello. Hello. Hello.

It seems to be too long since I made an update. So long–in fact–that my friend Rain has had her twins. Both babies and mother are great. I am looking forward to hearing more of her news. Like…did her two other children like the stay in the “hotel for kids”. She had written me earlier as her family was preparing for the birth of her twins that she had taken her first two for a trial stay at a 24-hour daycare nearby.

“They tried it out yesterday for the first time and were so excited by the experience that both of them started taking off all of their clothing (and I do mean ALL) outside the daycare. I insisted my daughter put her pants back on –as we were on the sidewalk on Carling Avenue. But, my son was completely naked so I just had him put his boots on and took him in the van like that.”

I think she was having one of those days becuase her email also mentioned that:

“On the drive home, naked son announced that he was going to have a poo, but fortunately held on until we got home.”

Well! That’s all over now. I hope the birth went well and the older two children enjoyed their stay. I don’t think she is out of the hospital yet, I will have to check in and see.

REGARDLESS, my baby is sleeping here next to me as I type this entry. He is wearing a Canadian maple leaf onesie that my friend sent me. Proud to be Canadian–he is– as Ludo tells me there is a Canadian vs. Russia hockey match tonight.

Routing for Canada

I did mention that I ran 10 kms of the 20 km Lausanne race. I did OK. I remember that my first five kilometers, I averaged somewhere in the 5 minute per kilometer mark.

10km of the 20 km race in Lausanne, 30 April 2011

I ended up averaging 7 minutes, 15 seconds per kilometer in the end. There were a few uphills. NEXT YEAR, I will be running with another group of people, people in the 40+ category. I hope I make a better time.

I don’t know if I have much more to say. I am getting ready for a trip home this summer and planning another website. I might pick strawberries tomorrow.

We are hosting a wine tasting at Caprice du Temps winery on Sunday. My mommies group (husbands included) signed up for a special tasting and I registered for a tour of Lausanne next week.

I guess I have to do something. Otherwise, I watch too much TV and eat chocolate. 🙁 I will do a fitness update next.

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