Ma vie en Suisse


Tonight, after Jman finished his dinner, he got down from his chair and walked over to the wine fridge. “Vin. Maman. Vin.” He demanded. “Wine. Mummy. Wine.”

We laughed and told him he couldn’t have any wine. Wine isn’t for little boys. I turned back to the stove and finished dishing out Ludo’s and my dinner.

The next thing I know, Jman is next too me asking for a glass. I pick him up and let him choose a colour (he has a few different plastic cups he drinks from).

He chose a green one.

I asked him what he wanted to drink. I thought he might want water or juice or somehing.

He turned and pointed to the bottle he had pulled out of the fridge: “Vin.”

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  1. That is cute!

    When we were in Maui, we were sitting down to supper and Cavan said, “Boy I am thirsty! I want a beer!” ahahhah Just like dad.