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Visions of babies dancing…

My sister wrote and asked me if I had any ideas for the end of the script she is working on. Unfortunately, I don’t. I wrote her back and said: “I’m just waiting for baby to arrive…visions of babies…dancing in my head.”

Then I remembered this video of the dancing baby!!! It was the first viral video I can remember seeing. I was working for the Passport 7K product group at Nortel.

I have always thought it was hella-funny. I think I’m going to dance to that song tomorrow night…just for a laugh.

PS: Countdown to baby–1 day.

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  1. Squeee! Baby!

    Does -1 day mean -1 day until your “due” date, or do you have a planned birthdate for the little bean? Can’t wait to hear all about your new arrival!

  2. Le date prevue est 31 dec 2010!!! The due date is today!!! However, I’ve had no indications what-so-ever that he will arrive today.

    I tell people, if he is Swiss, he will arrive a l’heure (right on time) as precision timing seems to be ingrained in their DNA.

    If he is Canadian, he might be a few weeks late.

    Let’s hope he’s a good balance between the two!

  3. I used to dance along with the baby when I watched the video. Years later, I saw it in an Ally McBeal episode, and I felt so superior to the late-adopter Hollywood screenwriting cats.

    Ally McBeal may be spelt wrong.