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What every good woman needs in her purse

On the way from Whitehorse to Healdsburg, I stopped to visit my friend in Smithers, BC. She has just bought a house there and is starting to become part of the community. It’s a time for change for everybody I know–or that’s what it seems like anyway. Regardless, I had left Whitehorse at 6h30 am that Thursday morning. I arrived in Smithers at her house at 12h15 am that night (technically, I guess it would be Friday morning).

She is a good friend and she waited up for me. I should have called my father as he was waiting up for me back in Whitehorse too. But, I think I was just so glad to have arrived, my friend gave me a glass of wine and we just started visiting.

We visited until 2h00 am and went to bed. We woke up and started visiting again. We planned a bit of an excursion to town. We went to a furniture shop where she showed me a few things she was thinking of buying. We window shopped along main street. At one point, we stopped to look at an outdoors gear place. I was looking at the gear in the window. She was looking at the guys in the store. I guess our version of window shopping was a bit different. 🙂

We stopped at a pottery place and she showed me the type of pottery she likes. We drooled over bowls and crockery. I wanted to buy her a house warming gift, but that was our first store. I thought we might find something more in another store. As always, in retrospect, I should have just got it then and there. Maybe I can order it online? I’ll have to investigate.

We were walking and shopping and talking. And talking and shopping and walking and across the way, we saw a makeshift structure on the opposite corner: The Moose Hut. And we could discern a lone figure sitting behind the counter. I thought we needed to investigate.

It turned out to be a German guy selling sausages: elk, bison, and pork sausages. What? No moose? How funny is that? It seems like a trick question: What do you sell at The Moose Hut? Elk, bison, and pork sausages. We just laughed. He offered us a taste. He cut up some pieces and put them on toothpicks and handed them over the counter. And we tasted. And honestly, they were quite good. My friend decided to buy one. I think she bought a bison sausage for her housewarming party.

He asked her if she wanted a bag. She just said, “No. I’ll put it in my purse.” And I snorted with laughter.

“Just what every good woman needs. A sausage in her purse!” When we got home, I took a picture to prove it.

And yes, we drank those two bottles of wine that night.

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