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Workouts in the parc

I have decided to work out Mondays and Thursdays in the Parc de Milan in Lausanne. I have been there for the last two weeks and am pleased that I am managing to make it a regular activity.

In fact, I am just pleased to create a routine. Today, I did a light lower body workout. I can’t do some exercises yet because I am still healing, however, I am pleased with what I do. Today’s workout was:

Walk from home down to the parc: 2 km. (I have a handy little app on my iPhone called Runkeeper. It tracks the distance, maps out my route, determines my average speed per kilometer, and posts all the results to Facebook–and Twitter if I want. The only thing it doesn’t do is kick my butt out of bed in the morning.)
Windmills x 20. I do these to loosen my spine.
Modified sun salutations (only the first three movements)

SET 1: Repeat three times.
Lunge dips x 20 each leg
Sumo squats x 20
Twig pose leg lifts x 20 each leg
At the end of each exercise, I pause and pulse until my legs burn. THAT FEELS REALLY GOOD.

SET 2: Repeat three times.
Charleston step ups x 20 each leg
Star pose into sqats x 30
Regular squat twist & pull up x 20 each side

Jonathan was really patient for the whole time. In fact, he simply slept in his buggy. He likes the walks. As soon as I put him in his buggy and before I get him out the door of the apartment building, he is sleeping. He wakes up sometimes when I stop walking and while I was doing some of the above exercises, I had to integrate rocking the buggy (pushing and pulling) into the exercise. I probably looked a bit silly, but, really, who was watching?

Today felt really good. Almost my old self. But I have a bit to go yet. On Monday, I will meet Hazel again and Victoria, a new friend in the area. I promised to integrate some upper body exercises into the workout.

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  1. You are completely inspiring me to keep at this! I am in the middle of my third week of working out at the gym. Just doing some workout dvd’s, but I am really enjoying it.

    Send me an email sometime and we can talk hats! kara underscore went at hotmail dot com