Advice to a younger self

Hi there readers! I haven’t been blogging very much. I guess I have just been busy. Busy with the J-man. Busy with being pregnant…well, that seems like a lame excuse—doesn’t it? However, if I weren’t pregnant, I wouldn’t be tired. If I weren’t tired, I would have all kinds of energy and I wouldn’t have […]

If you were a piece of winery equipment, what would you be…

Charlie told me about an interview he once had. He’d been asked this question: If you were a piece of winery equipment, what would you be? He answered that he would be a pumpover device. I had to ask what a pumpover device was. Apparently, it’s the piece of equipment that pumps the wine over […]

On Being Chardonnay…

My friend and neighbour Paul Brasset has been a winemaker in Sonoma County for over thirty years. Over those thirty years, he has won the Sonoma County Sweepstakes award for his Chardonnay (more than once). He has recently started selling wines from his own cellars, but has started with only Syrah and Zinfandel. I asked […]

Choose living. Choose being alive. Choose life.

In no particular order and being a work-in-progress… of my first blog entries EVER. Originally published 26 April 2005. Choose life. Choose a lifestyle. Choose your friends. Choose family. Choose your future, your career, your adventures. Choose how you spend your days. Choose spending your nights in a different place for six months. Choose the […]