Snow Today!

My mum sent me this email and these pictures from Whitehorse today. For those Californian’s who want to know what life is like below zero (Centigrade of course!).


Hi Girls.

Attached are some snow sculptures which Dad took this morning. These were done over Rendezvous weekend. I tried taking some on Saturday but nearly froze my hands doing so. It was a cold miserable wind out. When Dad took these this morning, he nearly froze his hands off too. There is a cold wind in town especially around third avenue. It was quite nice at our place as I went for a walk at 4:00 pm. A bit of a wind but not nearly as bad as in town.

Love Mum

Click here to see the slide show. (I love Picassa!!)

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  1. Yo Jen

    These Snow sculptures are really amazing! Put’s most of my snowmen to shame ( come to think of it, I did do a rather beleivable Bridgite Neilson snow sculpture in my youth, but I digress…). Who the #@!! is Picassa?

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