Some new words….

Here are some new words and phrases that have recently come into my vocabulary. I went snowboarding one weekend in February with my friends and neighbours: Carol and Jimmy. These new words are from Bob, Carol’s father.

  • lubo (noun): Pronounced lube-oh. To be a stupid, silly fool. For example, you might be driving along the 101 in North Santa Rosa, and you might look up into your rear view mirror. If you did look into the rear view mirror, you could notice a purple Dodge zooming up behind you really fast and another car zooming up behind you in the fast lane. The lubo is the driver of the purple Dodge who passes you on the shoulder.
  • shriv (noun): To be a stupid, silly, shriveled up old curmudgeon.
  • Hoy! Waiting! (expression): If you lived in Pittsburgh 30-odd years ago and there were a Chinese restraunt where you liked to order take out and whenever you went to pick up your take out, you would ding the desk bell and shout: “Hoy! Waiting!” As in: Hoy (the owner), I’m out here waiting!. Now, you just use it when you are waiting on people and you just want to let them know you are waiting for them.

Memorable quotes from our ski weekend:

  • Hey! Look at the dog smokin’ a stogie!!– Matt (Carol’s 13-year-old son). There was actually a dog (a black lab) coming down the stairs from one of the main buildings that had something stogie-like hanging out of his mouth. I wish I had a picture!
  • skootch your bootch (expression): Move over. Move your butt.
  • No can do Mum! I’m in short-pants mode: Matt, age 7. When asked if he thought he might be too cold with shorts on and wouldn’t he be more comfortable if he changed into long pants?

Variations on lubo (from 22 May 2005):

  • Ms. Lubo (noun): A female lubo.
  • Lubette (noun): A young, female lubo. Could also be the back-up singers in a band…
  • Lub-in-ator (noun): Pronounced lube-in-a-tor. A lubo on steroids.

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