Word of the Day – Loquacious

I finally woke up this morning after a terrible night of no sleep. My mind was turning with ideas to improve my situation. What good does it do you from 2 am to 4 am though? I just toss and turn and curse how I am going to feel in the morning. It is now morning. I’m cursing the lack of sleep.

I wake up and open my door. My housemate is already awake and calls from the kitchen: “Jen. Jen! The word of the day today is: loquacious.” I look at him still groggy and now mystified. That was a word that I’ve been talking about to my Spanish-speaking friend lately. I’d heard it on a TV program a few weeks ago, but never knew what it meant. I kept meaning to look it up. Now I do.


Pronunciation: lO-‘kwA-sh&s
Function: adjective
Etymology: Latin loquac-, loquax, from loqui to speak
1 : full of excessive talk : WORDY
2 : given to fluent or excessive talk : GARRULOUS
synonym see TALKATIVE

AKA: Princess Donkey!

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