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25 Random Things about My Friend in Yellowknife

Last week, I published my list of 25 random things about me. And did all the appropriate tagging in Facebook. I couldn’t tag my friend in Yellowknife though, she’s not in Facebook. I tagged her through my blog and yesterday, she sent me her list. When this post feeds into Facebook, I’m going to tag all of our Grad ’89 class, see what they have to say. HA!

25 Random Things About Me (The Friend)

  1. I am short.

  2. I am incessantly organized. For example: the cans in my cupboard line up in sections….OCD?

  3. I like electronic gadgets but hate learning how to use them, therefore, I don’t buy them.

  4. I am most relaxed when I am surrounded by nature.

  5. I can never remember the names of songs or bands or singers.

  6. I crashed my Dad’s ATV when I was a teenager. Man – is that a story!

  7. I have funky green curtains that I made in my camp room, just so it doesn’t look or feel like a correctional facility.

  8. I learnt to snowboard at 37.

  9. I have lost count of the number of bear encounters I have had.

  10. I drive a standard transmission vehicle.

  11. My friend and I used to sing 50s and 60s music at the top of our lugs while working.

  12. When I knew Redd – she had a different name and taught me to shoot a bow & arrow.

  13. I’ve walked on the Arctic Ocean.

  14. I’ve hiked the Chilkoot Trail; twice – both times with Jennifer.

  15. I am clumsy. Not a revelation to most – just a fact of life.

  16. I think everyone should read Mitch Albom’s – the five people you meet in heaven

  17. This is my year of new adventures.

  18. I wonder…why is it that someone will spend $100 on an outfit but won’t spend $15 for a pack of 5 “every day” undies until the ones they are wearing fall off?!

  19. I love French fries.

  20. I once made a turkey casserole that was so bad we went for Chinese food after four bites. I put the word “gross” thru the recipe.

  21. I wish you a story with a happy ending and the wisdom to find it.

  22. I am a sentimental fool who cries at sad movies and love stories.

  23. I just heard the funniest story… Just for kicks as young men when one of their buddies passed out one evening the group decided it would be great fun to duct tape deer antler to the buddy’s head… and then they woke him up! Imagine the hilarity of watching someone try to sit up when his antlers are stuck in the couch…

  24. I want to have a short, hot, passionate love affair.

  25. It has taken me far longer to write this list than I thought it would or should!

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  1. Dear Friend.

    More than one person commented to me on your #24. And we’ve had a few discussions about the topic. And from those of us who have had the experience, we caution you against the entire notion.

    It’s sort of like when you are a parent and you forbid your children to do things. OR you caution them against their own actions. You do so, because you know how much heartache it’s going to cause–you can see it coming. And you caution them against their own actions because you want to protect them from such heartache.

    So, it’s with the same intention I caution you. But you are your own person. And you need to have your own experiences. And make your own decisions. And maybe because you are a woman North of 60 and I know that type of woman is made from something else entirely, YOU. YOU, my dear friend, may be the only one who can handle it.

    I wish you all the luck in the world.

    Much respect,